Information about the HPU

High Performance Unloader
Previously the compacted cargo had to be removed from the rafters, stairs and platforms using brute forces and labour costing man hours. Now the HPU attached to an excavator can be used to remove the compacted cargo in less time with less cost and less damage to the vessel.

We developed a special piece of equipment to remove stuck cargo between rafters, stairs and pipes. The patented machine is called the High Performance Unloader, or HPU for short.


How does the HPU work?

The HPU uses 2 high-frequent vibrating pikes driven by the hydraulic system of the excavator. If you get the pikes in contact with the steel structure of the ships hold it will move the high-frequent motion into the compacted cargo and subsequently loosen the compacted material.

In this way it won’t harm the ship, the excavator or the man operating the excavator.


Benefits of the HPU

-Short clean-up time
-Low noise level
-Safe working conditions
-Hardly affecting the vessel
-Easy maintenance
-Meets SHE demands
-24/7 endurance
-Cost effective
-Easy to handle and mount

Safe working conditions and durability

Safe working conditions and durability with the High Performance Unloader

Safe working conditions and durability were main concerns during the development of the HPU. Therefore
the HPU is CE certified according to the European guidelines and machine directive 98/37/EG (IIA).
Only quality materials are used to assemble the HPU
The frame is made from high grade quality steel and modern welding techniques are used for the welds. The hydraulic components are from Bosch Rexroth and other suppliers are for instance Hella Lightning and SKF bearings.

Every HPU is endurance tested during 48 hours before it leaves our workshop.

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